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What We Do


Fit Out


Refurbishing & Refit

Little Details with Big Impact

We provide exterior and interior design, GA layout to maximize space, engine and propulsion system configuration, equipment selection, and shipyard selection.

Exterior design and styling will be based on the desired cruising locations, with a focus on either outdoor or indoor lifestyle based on tropical or polar regions, with speed and endurance customized to suit.

Bespoke interior designs with integrated security systems to suit the clients’ taste and requirements.

Floor to Ceiling and Everything in Between

We offer a turnkey solution for living quarters from the ground up until the final decoration with sustainable, energy efficient, smart HVAC solutions with an incredibly low noise levels achievable to 35dB.

Exterior fit out included but not limited to decking, pools, water sports equipment, tenders, bespoke submersibles,  subsea robotics including subsea security robotics.

Aesthetics with Practicality

Aesthetically pleasing and practical furnishing will complement the technical, operational, and maintenance aspects of the vessel.

We arrange the vessel's furnishing accordingly which included but not limited to indoor and outdoor furniture, dinnerware, bed and bath linen, galley equipment, and accessories.

No order is too big or too small, whether you are looking to furnish the entire vessel or only need a new set of outdoor furniture, we are here to assist you.

Giving Your Vessel a New Lease of Life

Does the colour of the bed sheets in the cabins fade away? Do the towels feel less soft? Are you tired of outdated furnishing within your vessel? If you answer yes to any of those questions, maybe it is time for an interior refurbishment.

We provide the items you need to give your vessel a new lease of life. Discuss with us which areas need refurbishing, and allow us to provide a suitable selection of bespoke choices.

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