About Us

Like the founder of Capital C Design and Technology Ltd. (Capital C) who is passionate about arts, design, technology, innovation, engineering, manufacturing processes, quality times with family and friends, a superyacht reflects these same attributes.


We are responsible in designing and building superyachts from the onset with green features and sustainability in mind utilizing the latest available technology for an environmentally friendly yachting experience. 


With the current IMO rules demanding all vessel types to be more carbon neutral, we are working with our clients to guide and direct them towards achieving the goal of having their superyachts compliant beyond the current IMO rules and regulations.

Our vessel designs are future-proofed to allow for the integration and installation of alternative energy and propulsion systems as they become further developed. Our vessel designs are compliant to IMO 2050, today.

Capital C's ethos is:


Our clients, their requirements, privacy, and confidentiality are paramount to us.


We aspire to be at the forefront in providing an environmentally friendly yachting experience.


Our professionalism is a reflection of our passion in what we are doing.


We integrate artificial intelligence which covers security, superyacht operating systems, and automation.


We utilize the latest technology and alternative energy solutions to achieve sustainable yachting. 


We have achieved to be IMO 2050 compliant today whilst aligning with our clients' goals.


We listen and implement our clients’ requirements whilst maintaining sustainable solutions.


We continue to improve so our clients continue to choose Capital C.

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