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About Us

Your aspirations to travel on the ocean while protecting its pristine beauty come to life at Capital C Design and Technology Ltd. (Capital C). Every adventure aboard our eco-friendly yachts is a gesture in favor of the planet.

Is spending quality time with your close ones your priority? We want to offer the comfort and refinement you deserve all the way. 


Our Superyachts and Passenger Expedition Yachts are at the forefront of sustainability and compliant to IMO 2030 TODAY. The modern technology enhances the yacht's residual value, giving you both peace of mind and an impressive asset for the future.


You will enjoy a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable journey. Expect significant fuel savings, which translates into long-term cost-effectiveness. Advanced technology, robotics, and top-notch safety systems extend the lifespan of your yacht, ensuring that it serves you for years to come. 


Our goal is to offer a whole different level of travel experience in different areas across the globe. Capital C Superyachts and Passenger Expedition Yachts are designed to generate clean energy and fresh water to give back to communities. We want to help create jobs in the maritime and hospitality industry.


Do contact us and let us know about the sustainable yacht you want to travel on.

Capital C's ethos is:


Our clients, their requirements, privacy, and confidentiality are paramount to us.


We aspire to be at the forefront in providing an environmentally friendly yachting experience.


Our professionalism is a reflection of our passion in what we are doing.


We integrate artificial intelligence which covers security, superyacht operating systems, and automation.


We utilize the latest technology and alternative energy solutions to achieve sustainable yachting. 


We have achieved to be IMO 2030 compliant today whilst aligning with our clients' goals.


We listen and implement our clients’ requirements whilst maintaining sustainable solutions.


We continue to improve so our clients continue to choose Capital C.

“I founded Capital C to design yachts where luxury comes together with absolute care for the environment and a genuine sense of hospitality.” Cindy Devina

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