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Project Terra

Project Lionfish
Project Lionfish, a 200m Sustainable Passenger Yacht.

Capital C Design and Technology Limited (Capital C) together with its associates, are pleased to announce we are developing Project Terra within SIDS (Small Island Developing States) and in emerging markets.

Project Terra is a multi-faceted project, with one of these elements being a fleet of Sustainable Passenger Expedition Yachts in various variants and configurations from 150m up to 250m.

The fleet is designed and will be built in compliance to the new LR Sustainable notation and will offer the guests unparalleled levels of comfort, privacy, service, and security whilst sailing sustainably with minimal environmental impact. Additionally, the fleet is fully equipped with marine laboratories for our onboard scientists and researchers to monitor and study marine habitats within the regions where we sail.

More about the other aspects of Project Terra will be announced in due course.

On Caribbean ‘World Tourism Day Forum’ held on the 27th of September 2022, Carbon Asset Developer Associates (Grenada) Limited (CADA) presented how Capital C’s Sustainable Yacht designs can produce ITMOs assisting in decarbonization and finance independence.

Sustainable Passenger Expedition Yachts designed by Capital C that are certified and verified as Carbon Positive will be the enabler of maritime decarbonization and the energy transition within SIDS and the emerging markets.

This project offers wide array of benefits to the local community such as, but not limited to:

  • Increase GDP

  • Reduce emissions with carbon credits assisting in Net Zero goals

  • Economy decarbonization

  • Reduction of fossil fuel reliance

  • Greater local retention of revenues

  • Expansion of the education and employment opportunities

  • Detailed maritime research data gathered in localized waters

  • Promoting and developing sustainable maritime tourism


Luxurious guest experience in all Sustainable Passenger Expedition Yacht variant is in a class of its own. Highlight of guest benefits:

  • Ultra-Luxury 5 Star experience and beyond.

  • All suites have large private balconies and bathtubs within the en-suite.

  • Smallest suite size of 45m2, whilst on our flagship the smallest suite size is 94m2 and the largest suite size is 337m2.

  • Enhanced safety, security, and privacy.

  • Minimum guest to crew ratio of 1:1, incrementally increasing to 1:2.44 guest to crew ratio on our flagship.

  • Guest to space ratio in public open spaces is 1 guest per 54m2, incrementally increasing to 1 guest per 182m2 on our flagship.

P34 - Diamond Suite - Dining Room 01
A preview of the sustainable suite design for the Sustainable Passenger Yachts.
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