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Manned Submersibles

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Capital C Design and Technology Ltd. acts as an agent for Nuytco Research Ltd. and its range of submersibles and atmospheric diving systems for the superyacht and cruise sector.


Why Nuytco Submersibles

Simply put, no other company has the pedigree or track record of designing, building and operating submersibles longer than Nuytco. Nuytco and its sister company, Can-Dive Construction Ltd., have over forty years of global operational experience.


Phil Nuytten; President and Founder of both companies is an internationally recognised pioneer in the diving and submersible industry.


Experience and Track-Record

Nuytco submersibles and ADS systems have logged more dives and operational hours than any other submersible manufacturer. Nuytco’s one-atmosphere hard-suits ‘Newtsuit™’ and ‘Exosuit ADS™’ and ‘DeepWorker’ submersibles, are renowned internationally.


Nuytco ADS systems and DeepWorkers have completed 1000s of dives globally since 1985.

Curasub; a 4 passenger + pilot submersible was put into service in July 2010 and as of July 2021 has logged more dives and operational hours than any other commercially used submersible. Furthermore it has had no major repairs or mechanical breakdowns.

  • Total dives       2619

  • Hours               5069

  • Dive Time        2 hours average

A brief timeline of Phil Nuytten’s extraordinary 50 year career within the diving industry, designing, inventing and creating submersibles and dive systems that have opened the ocean’s depths to exploration and industry.

 1965   Founded Can Dive Services Ltd.

 1969   Co-Founded Oceaneering International Inc.

 1970 - 1980   High-Arctic Expeditions with Dr Joe McInnis

 1982   Newtsuit ADS patented

 1985   Deep Rover, first acrylic hulled submersible designed and built by Can-Dive and Deep Ocean Engineering

 1985   Founded Hard Suits Inc., to produce Newtsuits

★ 1989   Senior technical advisor on James Cameron’s movie The Abyss; provided the submersibles and futuristic subsea equipment.

 1990   NASA training programme

 1995   Remora submarine rescue vehicles patented, built and delivered to the   Royal Australian Navy and the US Navy    

★ 1996   Subsea camera systems designed and supplied by Can-Dive to James Cameron for the inside videos for the filming of the Titanic.

 1997   DeepWorker micro-submersibles commence production

 1997 - 2002   DeepWorkers used for the Nat Geo and NOOA Sustainable Seas Expeditions with Dr Sylvia Earle

 2000   Exosuit ADS concept under development

 2003   Dual DeepWorker in production

 2008   US Navy PRMS submarine rescue system

 2009   Curasub, 5 man tourist submersible designed and built by Nuytco

 2011   Orcasub 610m rated flying submersible designed

 2012   Exosuit ADS in production

 2011 - 2019   DeepWorkers utilized for astronaut training in the Nasa Extreme Environment Operations (NEEMO) project          

Bespoke Designs and Builds

Nuytco can design and build any configuration submersible to suit any client’s requirements. With Nuytco's decades of real life experiences of operating and maintaining more submersibles and ADS systems than other companies, Nuytco can advise you on what does work and doesn’t work and tailor your submersible for your requirements.


Being industry leaders and pioneers in all facets of submersible design and operations, Nuytco takes pride in their impeccable safety record. To achieve this record they have designed their submersibles to be practical in all aspects of operation and maintenance. With safety in mind there is certain elements of a submersibles design that Nuycto strictly adhere too and that is to ensure that there is no key elements within the design that could potentially be a single point of failure.

Nuytco submersible are built to and classed by Lloyd’s Register classification.


Phil Nuytten is passionate about the environment and our oceans has been involved with numerous research projects during his 50 year career and worked with renowned scientists and marine biologists such as Dr Joe MacInnes and Dr Sylvia Earle to name a few. With sustainability being a key focal point of Nuytco’s various submersibles systems; they have been designed around a modular, adaptable and scalable architecture; with many of the systems sharing the same components. 

DeepWorker 2000 Specifications Sheet

DeepWorker 3000 Specifications Sheet

Nuytco Exosuit Specifications Sheet

Nuytco Ironsuit Specifications Sheet

Nuytco Ironsuit Dragonfly Specifications Sheet

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